Behind the Lens: The Life Of A Photographer (2023)

The world of a professional photographer is often seen through the lens of glamor – exotic locations, beautiful models, and breathtaking landscapes. But, what’s it really like to live a day in the shoes (or behind the lens) of a professional photographer? From the early morning caffeine jolt to the evening wine wind-down, let’s explore a typical day in my life.

1. The Early Bird Gets the Shot

5:30 am: My alarm chimes. As they say, the early bird catches the worm, or in my case, the sunrise. Those first rays of dawn often provide ethereal light, perfect for landscapes or serene city shots.

2. Morning Rituals and Preparations

6:00 am: With my trusty coffee mug in hand, I review the day’s schedule. Each sip helps clear the fog of sleep and sharpens my focus. Photographers aren’t just about taking pictures; there’s equipment to prep, clients to communicate with, and shots to plan.

3. Hitting the Streets

8:00 am: The city awakens. I love to capture candid moments of morning city life – the businessman rushing to work, the baker setting up shop, or the jogger taking on the urban jungle.

4. Studio Sessions Begin

10:00 am: Time for a studio shoot. The controlled environment allows for meticulous detail. Whether it’s a model for a fashion shoot or product photography for a brand, this is where creativity meets precision.

5. Lunch: Refueling & Networking

1:00 pm: Lunch isn’t just about sustenance. It’s an opportunity to network. Meeting with fellow photographers, artists, or potential clients over a bite often leads to collaboration, ideas, or new projects.

6. Editing & Post-Production

2:30 pm: For every hour I spend shooting, I spend two in post-production. It’s a labor of love. Each photo gets individual attention – adjusting the color balance, retouching imperfections, and ensuring the final product is perfect. (Lightroom is my go-to, by the way!)

7. Evening Outdoor Shoots

5:00 pm: As the day mellows, I’m back outside. The evening light, especially during the ‘golden hour,’ is a photographer’s dream. Whether I’m capturing the glow on skyscrapers or the play of shadows in a park, these shots often become my favorites.

8. Wind Down and Reflect

7:30 pm: Back home, it’s time to relax. An evening glass of wine is my ritual – it’s a moment to reflect on the shots of the day, think about compositions, and muse on the stories I’ve captured.

9. Prepping for Tomorrow

9:00 pm: Before heading to bed, I ensure everything’s set for the next day. Batteries charged, memory cards cleared, and equipment packed. Being organized is key in this profession.


A day in the life of a photographer is a blend of artistry, precision, business, and passion. From morning coffee to evening wine, each moment, like every shot, is unique. Here’s to capturing life, one frame at a time.

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