Tutorial: 10 Common Newbie Photographer Mistakes (2023)

Photography, like any art form, comes with its own learning curve. As beginners, it’s natural to make mistakes. But understanding these early pitfalls can set you on a path to quicker growth and better results. Here, we highlight ten common mistakes newbie photographers make and how you can sidestep them gracefully. Read on to learn all about Common Newbie Photographer Mistakes!

1. Over-relying on Auto Mode

Mistake: Letting the camera make all decisions. While convenient, auto mode doesn’t always yield the best results.

Solution: Start experimenting with manual settings. Learn the basics of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to gain more control over your shots.

2. Disregarding Composition Rules

Mistake: Placing subjects dead center or ignoring leading lines and framing opportunities.

Solution: Familiarize yourself with the Rule of Thirds and other composition techniques. While rules are meant to be broken, understanding them is crucial.

3. Skipping the Learning Phase

Mistake: Jumping right in without understanding your equipment or the principles of photography.

Solution: Spend time with your camera’s manual. Join photography workshops or watch online tutorials. Knowledge is power.

4. Neglecting Post-Processing

Mistake: Assuming that the work is done once the photo is taken.

Solution: Post-processing is where the magic often happens. Software like Lightroom or Photoshop can enhance and refine your images.

5. Not Backing Up Photos

Mistake: Losing hours of work due to a technical glitch or misplaced memory card.

Solution: Invest in external hard drives or cloud storage. Make it a habit to back up photos regularly.

6. Using Flash Incorrectly

Mistake: Relying on built-in flash, which often results in harsh, unflattering light.

Solution: Learn when and how to use flash. Consider an external flash and diffusers for more balanced lighting.

7. Sticking to One Genre

Mistake: Limiting oneself to, say, only landscapes or portraits.

Solution: Dabble in various photography genres. Experimentation can open new horizons and refine skills.

8. Not Reviewing Work

Mistake: Not taking the time to review and critique your shots.

Solution: Periodically review your work. Seek feedback from peers. Analyzing your photos can provide valuable insights.

9. Overdoing Photo Edits

Mistake: Getting carried away with saturation, sharpness, or filter effects.

Solution: Less is often more. Aim for natural enhancements that uplift the image without making it appear artificial.

10. Forgetting the Story

Mistake: Focusing solely on technical aspects and missing the story or emotion.

Solution: Remember, photography is about storytelling. Ensure each shot conveys a mood, message, or tale.


Every photographer, no matter how seasoned, started as a beginner. The journey from newbie to pro is paved with mistakes, lessons, and growth. By being aware of common pitfalls and actively working to avoid them, you’re already a step ahead in your photography journey. So, keep clicking, keep learning, and keep capturing the world through your unique lens.

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